Improvement in fusion by electro-agitation, optimization in treatment furnaces, optimization of auxiliary services, 

adjustment of instructions …

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Operational changes in Chillers, controlling fans of Steam Boilers and improvements in performance, hot Sanitary Water (HSW) boilers. Heat recuperators and 

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The main measures developed and investments made have been focused primarily on the electrical part, the thermal part was optimized for the control of

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Official Partner Spain Pavilion Expo Dubai 2020

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On October 1st the Expo Dubai exhibition starts, Spain focuses its exhibition on the idea “Intelligence for life”.  Broken down into three lines; opportunity, mobility and sustainability.

We are part of this project, giving technical support to sustainability. Taking the basis of an advanced building design and designed to lower the energy demand profile, we sensorize the environmental and pavilion parameters and help to improve the consumption of the same with our control systems and the experience of our technicians.


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Multinational Energy company that operates in the electricity and gas sectors, and is one of the three largest companies in the electricity sector in Spain. They carry out activities of supply, generation, distribution and commercialization of electricity and natural gas.

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Company dedicated to the promotion and management of infrastructure (water, concessions, constructions, industry and services) and renewable energy, with a presence in 65 countries on five continents.

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Responsible for the management and administration of the integral water supply in the City of Malaga. From the collection of the necessary hydraulic resources, distribution, purification, desalination and supply, to the disposal and discharge of wastewater or, where appropriate, the reuse of purified water.

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La Universidad de Alcalá

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Located practically in the centre of Spain, this University has three campuses, two of them in Alcala de Henares and another in Guadalajara, as well as offices in Madrid. It offers a wide range of University degrees, Master’s degrees etc. as well as spaces for R + D + i.

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Kedar Engineering

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Threes Efficiency has reached a collaboration agreement with Kedar Engineering.

Engineering with extensive experience in the U.A.E. market, specialized in solutions and supply of facility management and maintenance systems. They are present in the commercial, residential, warehouse and industrial sectors.

The collaboration between the two companies will provide Kedar Engineering’s customers with a real-time monitoring based on artificial intelligence (Submeter 4.0) that together with the work of the technical team will result in a reduction of costs and CO2 emissions.


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Threes Efficiency has reached a collaboration agreement with SnowKap, a global efficiency solutions platform, with the aim of helping member companies to become more efficient and competitive.

To this end, Threes Efficiency will focus on providing its proprietary open source software solution with artificial intelligence (Submeter 4.0) together with the extensive experience of its technical team. This combination will help Snowkap member companies to monitor in real time all their processes and also to reduce their C02 emissions as well as the consumption of electricity, water or any other fuel within manufacturing processes.