Digitalisation Through Submeter

We are creating a digital and decarbonised environment for a greener future

Digitalising an organisation involves integrating digital tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of energy and water consumption, improving efficiency and fostering sustainability.

Embracing digitalisation promotes innovation, adaptability, and competitiveness in today’s business landscape.

What is Submeter?

In-house developed, technology agnostic, Internet of Things (IoT) based advanced energy management and optimisation system that senses, captures, integrates, and analyses all the data collected in a facility in real time, using AI advanced algorithms.

How Submeter Helps You?

Submeter assists you in making smart and efficient decisions aimed at increasing productivity and reducing the energy consumption of any project.

What Does Submeter Offer You?

Gives you the capability to accurately measure, manage and benchmark energy flows from a variety of sources, including water, gas, fuels, and electricity.


Creating a unified environment, spanning from primary electrical lines to individual equipment, consolidating all your facilities within a single dashboard.

Our approach involves seamlessly integrating equipment from any brand in the market, including AC systems, pumps, air treatment units, calorifiers, lighting, and more, to optimise the efficiency of each unit.

Everything You Need to Improve Energy, Water & Carbon Perfomance

Data Acquisition Management

Collect all relevant on-site data ensuring top data quality and security standards

Energy & Carbon Optimisation

Use advanced AI algorithms to achieve real-time optimisations

Predictive Analytics

Identify, establish and maintain optimal energy levels while promptly detecting any energy losses

Energy Cost Management

Enhance management of energy costs by monitoring accounting and forecasting budgetary needs

Energy Performance 

Visualise, measure and benchmark energy to generate reliable reports and ensure compliance with ISO 50001 standards

Total Integration

Smooth integration with any system on the market for optimal use and results

Our proficient technical team, supported by years of experience and expertise, stands prepared to analyse your facility, driving its digital transformation and transitioning your organisation into a data-driven entity.

Take action now and become part of the green movement today

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