We are creating a digital and decarbonised environment for a greener future

With real-time data obtained through Submeter and our proactive ESG targets, we are primed to strategically eradicate wastage and inefficiencies.


Integration with other systems like renewable energy, waste management, EV chargers, etc., maximises ROI and reinforces our environmental commitment for achieving sustainability and ESG targets to their fullest potential.


Renewable Energy Sources

From solar and wind to hydroelectric and geothermal, we offer tailored services to harness clean, renewable sources of energy. Our customised solutions seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, providing long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

Energy Efficiency Retrofitting

We specialise in upgrading existing infrastructure to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Our customised retrofitting services optimise building performance, from improved insulation to advanced HVAC systems.

Electric Vehicles Chargers

We offer a range of EV charging solutions tailored to your needs, from residential installations to commercial fleet charging stations. Our expertise ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure, providing convenient and efficient charging options.


From grid-scale batteries to residential storage systems, we provide customised solutions to optimise energy usage and maximise efficiency. Our expertise ensures seamless integration with renewable energy sources, offering reliable backup power and cost savings.


We offer tailored services to streamline waste collection, recycling, and disposal processes, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. From commercial enterprises to residential communities, our expertise ensures efficient waste management practices that minimise landfill waste and maximise resource recovery.


We offer customised services to optimise water usage and minimise waste across various sectors. From efficient irrigation systems to advanced leak detection technologies, our solutions help businesses and communities reduce water consumption and lower utility costs.

As industry frontrunners in energy and water solutions for decarbonisation, we are actively shaping a sustainable future.

Leveraging innovative technologies and sustainable practices, we facilitate seamless transitions to low-carbon alternatives for industries and communities alike.

Looking for the best solutions for you

Our proficient technical team, with extensive experience and expertise, is prepared to engage with your organisation’s data, offering advanced sustainability solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.

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