Sensorization is carried out through monitoring equipment and systems, relating consumption and variables such as production, occupation, etc. It allows us to visualize and detect possible inefficiencies, propose corrective actions and obtain results with information on impact, in real time.

The Submeter 4.0 is an energy monitoring and management platform, designed and created to improve the energy performance of any installation.

The Submetering 4.0 system allows us to validate savings and return on investment.

Initial savings fund subsequent investments.

It is an open and customizable system.

SUBMETER 4.0 senses, captures, integrates and analyzes all the data collected in an installation in real time, using advanced algorithms, helping to make decisions aimed at increasing productivity and reducing the energy consumption of any project.



Visual environment, menus and functions, alerts and reports, the entire system adapted and specific to each client, their facilities and needs.

Our goal?

To make SUBMETER 4.0 your most trusted tool for energy control, improvement and real data visualization.